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A big fat welcome to my blog!

The primary focus of this site is to provide good quality second hand (and some new) horse bits of all types and sizes at affordable prices.  But I will also look in detail at numerous categories and types of bit, their action, the variations and also the ever changing materials used in modern bitting.  Gone are the days of having a nickel bit that does every job on every horse.

I will take a closer look at the emergence of "branded" bits and their value in the market, and also the many trends that come and go with not only bitting, but tack as well.

Now I am in no way a bitting expert myself - I would like to stress this point heavily! I am not a vet or an equine dentist and I dont possess a qualitfication to enable me to offer bitting advice or solve bitting issues for you and your horse.  There are lots of experts in this field, some more qualified than others, and some with plenty of knowedge and experience to offer this type of advice on an objective basis.  But please beware, there are also some so called bitting experts who will charge a small fortune to offer information or sell you a product based on limited knowledge or qualification to do so.  My advice would be to do your research, understand what service you need and why and always seek out good recommendations and references from "real" customers.

With that said, you may well ask why I am going to write about bits? And what could possibly give me any authority to do so?  I have over 40 years experinece owning, riding, schooling and competing horses.   I have competed across a number of disciplines to a high level, and have always had young and often challenging horses to work with. As an ultra keen amateur rider I have always left no stone unturned to understand the best possible tack and equipment to keep my horses comfortable, productive and most of all happy! 

When I started riding age 4, my ponies all had a single jointed eggbut snaffle or a pelham if they were strong!   And then for showing classes I had to master the dark art of not only putting together a double bridle, but the confusion of riding with 2 sets of reins!  I cannot recall the 100's and 100's of bits I've tried since then, and as I strive to treat every horse as an individual I made it my business to understand what each bit I used did, and what affects it was intended to have.

So now here I am sourcing and selling bits, and a self confessed bit-a-holic.  Not because I believe a bit will ever provide a quick fix to a problem, but more because I understand that every horse is unique and the theory and technology behind bitting can often be the key to unlocking a horse's full potential.

I hope you check back on my blog from time to time, and if all goes well I am hoping to update it on a weekly basis.  I would love your comments and feedback, and if there is any bits or brands that you would like me to write about then please drop me a note.

Thanks for reading :-)




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