5" Monty Roberts Sweet Iron Eggbutt Snaffle (0604)

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From the Monty Roberts website:

  • Most trainers agree that copper in the bit creates natural moisture making the bit more comfortable in the horse’s mouth.
  • Black iron is softer than stainless steel and more comfortable on the bars of the horse’s mouth.
  • Black iron makes the bit more durable than an all-copper mouthpiece.
  • The Dee Ring or Egg Butt design is gentler on the corners of the mouth when guiding your horse.
  • Larger gauged mouthpieces are less severe when pressure is applied by the reins.
  • Protection of the precious tissues of the mouth is critical to the performance of the horse.

Genuine stamped bit in good used condition.  Has oxidised but this is cimpletely normal for sweet iron.

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